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Please help us raise funds for BUYU KAI (Warrior Friends Society) equipment and activity costs.
If you live in Australia click the link below to purchase tickets in the Peoples Choice Community Lottery.
Great prizes and all funds raised help us to provide activities to kids.



Ninja strive to live in balance with nature, this includes all creatures and plants, as all are needed to achieve balance . . . when one species of creature or plant becomes extinct it has a huge impact on all the others.

It may have been the food source for another or the predator that controlled the population of another species. You have no doubt heard of natures 'food chain', this is where all species rely on the next species in the 'food chain' for survival.
To make why we need to protect wildlife and plant species easier to understand, think of the 'food chain' as being an actual chain linked in a loop like a necklace, a never ending loop where all the 'links' are dependant on the one 'link' next to them in that loop, just imagine if you take one link out . . . it all falls apart !

You can help to keep the 'balance of nature loop' by doing simple things like;

Not purchasing items that are made from endangered species, like real fur coats or ivory items etc.

Supporting Wildlife charities and organisation in anyway you can. Sponsor an animal at a zoo or if you can't afford to donate time or money then just spreading the word about wildlife conservation will help !

Setting up or helping maintain natural habitats for frogs, lizards, birds and native animals etc. Contact your local council or Parks and Wildlife government departments to see how you can get involved.

Get involved in tree planting (native species in their appropriate area), it not only helps the world 'breathe' but it provides homes for many species of creature.

Support 'clean up' days, picking up rubbish in parks and wildlife habitat areas.

Don't let your pet cat or dog out at night, they usually hunt at night, which means native animals like birds, rodents and lizards are at risk.

Don't feed native animals unnatural food stuff or encourage them into unnatural habitats, for example; don't encourage animals that are not native to your area into your area as it may disturb the balance of the local 'food chain'.

Study all you can about different species of creature and plant, it's fascinating !

These are just a few simple things you can do as a World Warrior.
See how many ways you can achieve the SHINOBI's balance with nature, our world and the universe !


LINKS to Wildlife sites for more info and ideas . . .

A sad farewell to Steve Irwin, as a man you showed all the attributes of a true SHINOBI . . .
in balance with nature, our world and the universe, you left us honourably in battle as warriors of old did on the battlefield, in the middle of the fight for what was right for the universe, you were a true WARRIOR in every sense of the word !
You inspired more than you could have ever realised . . . we WILL help continue your work !

These are just a few, for more just put 'wildlife conservation' into a search engine !
For National Parks and Wildlife in Australia simply search for 'Parks and Wildlife'.

Also checkout our Environment and Charity pages if you wish to be a true SHINOBI ! 

Students can complete a nationally recognised 'Sport (Coach) Certificate II' qualification.  This can be used towards further nationally recognised training in the Sport and Recreation field (becoming an instructor/coach) and/or students attaining their SACE in South Australia. 
See our qualifications website for details.

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