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Please help us raise funds for BUYU KAI (Warrior Friends Society) equipment and activity costs.
If you live in Australia click the link below to purchase tickets in the Peoples Choice Community Lottery.
Great prizes and all funds raised help us to provide activities to kids.


Training info

Our under 18's organisation is split into two systems or styles - KOHAI BUYU NINJUTSU (Junior Warrior Friends Perseverance Art) for 4 - 12 year olds and SAMURAI JUDAI BUJUTSU (One Who Serves Youth Warrior Art)
for 13 - 17's.

These 2 systems are divided into 3 age groups, 1 within the
Samurai Arts and 2 within the Ninja Arts so activities can be better tailored
to the age of the children.

You can study at a Dojo (training hall or club) or at home . . .


Join online to train in authentic Ninjutsu and Samurai martial arts!
Train via Online Video sessions or DVD with
online questionnaires.
Upload a technique video
for belt assessment even
attend in person gradings!
KAGE INU NINJA to get online access to the
 'Warrior Secret Society'
 members only pages with training videos, down-loadable training notes, NINJA FUEL
TM warrior nutrition tips, KUKANTM social network, Warriors forum & members discount from the Ninja shop!

Kids HSP (7-17'S)
Adults HSP (over 18)

We are a registered member of



and was approved in 2005 as a registered provider for the Australian Sports Commissions - AASC Active After School Communities Program.

Click the link below for info

Aussie Active, Let's Try
(school program info)

'Shadow Dog Ninja' - Home Study Program



ME STUDY students are encouraged to train with a buddy (required from the 3rd belt level on) either a friend, brother, sister, or a relative or we can even put you in touch with other Home Study students in your area to form NINJA TRAINING CLAN!

7 to 17 year olds can join Kage Inu Ninja - Shadow Dog Ninja for real Ninja Warrior Martial Arts training including basic gymnastics, balance, safe and
our fun self defence training.
Training at home with our ONLINE or DVD Home Study Program with gradings
for 9 'coloured belt' and Black Belt 'Shodan-ho' advancement
(7 via Video gradings and 3 in person gradings, see below).
10 x ONLINE VIDEO ACCESS or DVD Home Study System.


Click on the 'kids join' button in the right column.


DOJO TRAINING WITH OUR SKILLED INSTRUCTORS . . . Currently available in South Australia only, enquire about Dojo in your area.
Note: all Dojo 'club' members also get access to online video of each Belt level as they progress.  

18+ year olds,
adults can join Shinobi Budo Taijutsu (Ninja warrior body methods) for advanced Warrior Martial Arts training including sparring/partner drills, gymnastics, traditional Samurai and Ninja weapons for co-ordination, Samurai/Ninja Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu (sword drawing and methods of use) with 10 Kyu (belt levels), training at your local Dojo (training hall) with gradings for 9 'coloured belt' and 'Black Belt' advancement. 1.5 hour class.

13 to 17 year olds, you can join Samurai Judai Bujutsu (Samurai Youth Warrior Art) for advanced Warrior Martial Arts training including sparring/partner drills, gymnastics, traditional Samurai and Ninja weapons for co-ordination (safe - soft, padded), Samurai/Ninja Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu (sword drawing and methods of use) with 10 Kyu (belt levels), training at your local Dojo (training hall) with gradings for 9 'coloured belt' and 'Black Belt' advancement. 1.5 hour class.

7 to 12 year olds, you can join Kohai Buyu Ninjutsu (Junior Warrior Friends Perseverance Art) for real Ninja Martial Arts training including basic gymnastics, Balance, Confidence, safety and self defence training with fun and games. Training at your local Dojo (training hall) with gradings for 9 'coloured belt' and 'Black Belt'  advancement. 1 hour class.


4 to 6 year olds,
you can join
L'il Ninja Clan (LNC) for real Ninja Fun including basic gymnastics, Balance, Confidence, lessons in Stranger Danger and Play Safety with lots of fun and games. Training at your local Dojo (training hall) with no pressure to pass hard gradings (tests) because 3 'coloured belts' are awarded over time. 30 min fun filled class.

BEWARE of Karate, Freestyle MMA, Kung fu or Tae kwon do clubs offering 'Little Ninjas' (4-6 year old program) this program is a 'one size fits all' originally designed as a marketing tool (the original creator sold this to a martial arts marketing and promotion company) to on sell to martial arts groups to get and retain students by cashing in on the Ninja popularity.
It's run by Karate, Tae kwon do and Kung Fu clubs that DON'T have their own little kids programs and DON'T teach NINJUTSU.
The technique taught by these clubs differs greatly from REAL NINJUTSU!   They will call your child a NINJA but this is simply not TRUE!

NOTE: Our 'Li'l Ninja Clan' program activities use REAL NINJUTSU and was approved in 2005 through the Australian Sports Commission Active After Schools Communities Program (Registration Number 1127) and has been run in over 30 public and private schools and after school care centres.

Ask your instructor where their art comes from, who started it, what's the direct lineage and is it authentic? 

see dojo locations and fees page to attend and join !

Understanding our training . . .

TAIJUTSU (Body Methods - self defence)

Taijutsu (our Ninja equivalent to Karate or hand to hand combat etc.) is only one of the eighteen facets of Ninjutsu called the Ninpo Juhakkei (Ninja 18 forms).
Jujutsu (our Samurai equivalent to Karate or hand to hand combat etc.) is only one of the eighteen facets of Bushi Bugei (Samurai Martial Arts) called the Bugei Juhappan (18 types of conventional martial art).

So in actual fact we study 36 types of 'martial art'. While some facets are no longer taught for legal, moral and ethical reasons and some Ninja and Samurai facets are similar we still respect and practice the remaining skills for their traditional value. See the 18 skills page for more details.

These facets include 'spiritual' training or understanding of oneself eg. right and wrong, reality and falsehood plus weaknesses and strengths (by spiritual we don't mean religious training), taijutsu, jujutsu, horse riding, training on ice and in water, night training, climbing, archery, spear, geography and meteorology, disguise and impersonation, strategy, stealth, escape and concealment and for older students we train in throwing, staff, chain and rope weapons, sword and naginata plus many more.

These are all part of over 800 years of written curriculum (actually on scrolls), not modern or unrelated add-ons . . . so all these facets 'fit' and work together naturally.

We are NOT pretending to be Ninja or Samurai, we actually train in these authentic arts based on 9 traditional schools !

Our BUYU KAI (Warrior Friends Society) has activities to balance the fighting elements to become a true warrior, such as Bonsai growing, Japanese Ink and Art work classes, Drama classes, Taiko drum society and much more. 

Things like disguise and impersonation are taught by performing in traditional Japanese plays called 'Noh' and 'Kabuki', all weapons are safety type, rubber, padded or wood (no weapons for under 12's and no sharp weapons for under 18's) to teach coordination and respect for these potentially dangerous things. All activities comply with Government Safety plus Australian and International Standards, eg. appropriately qualified instructors, climbing with safety harnesses, correct protective gear for horse riding etc. and approved safety standards for archery, spear throwing etc. etc. (over 18's must attain a police clearance and permit for particular weapons)

We train as the warriors of old trained, that is we have a positive learning environment, not a strict military style or competitive environment with push ups for punishment (we don't believe fitness should be a punishment), we have a friendly, relaxed but respectful and self disciplined style of lesson.

Rudeness, disrespect, aggression and inattentiveness are simply dealt with by excluding the student from the lesson for part or all of the lesson as they obviously have no interest in learning at that time.

Above all else we have the philosophy that we come together to help each other learn and become a better person, so envy, competitiveness, rivalry, disrespect and aggression has no place in our training. 

                Sosai Garyu

(unleash the PERSEVERANCE within)

Students can complete a nationally recognised 'Sport (Coach) Certificate II' qualification.  This can be used towards further nationally recognised training in the Sport and Recreation field (becoming an instructor/coach) and/or students attaining their SACE in South Australia. 
See our qualifications website for details.

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