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Beginners White Belt training course

Demo introduction
(you will have to join the HSP to get access to all the lessons).

Rei - 'Bow in' & 'Bow out'

In class the instructor will face the front of the training place along with the students, then call out:
Shikin haramitsu daikomyo'  meaning - Within all things lies the possibility for enlightenment:
may every encounter bring me closer to the light, or simply . . . 'I will learn from this training')
All students repeat this then clap twice and bow placing both hands on the ground in front at
the same time then rise, clap once and bow again, then rise.

The instructor will then face the students and say: 'Onegai shimasu' ('u' on end is silent) meaning please assist me
(as in 'Please assist me by being good students'). All students repeat this then clap once and bow placing both hands on
the ground in front at the same time then rise (students say this to the instructor as in 'Please assist me to learn').

Note: Sempai Ashlen is facing diagonally across the dojo so you can see all the movement properly.
I have also slowed down the pronunciation to help you get the words right. Normally say these lines without pauses
between words, so kind of make it 'one word'. 
Bow with respect as this tradition sets the mood for your training.

'Bow (in)'



'Bow (out)'



Please note: 'Domo Arigato Gozaimashita' at the end of the bow out means 'thankyou very
much' (literally:
rarely exists - as in . . . Such an act of kindness 'rarely exists', I am grateful).

We often get told by new students, particularly from Karate or Okinawa based martial arts or someone
 new to the language that this is pronounced wrong, many think it should be Domo Arigato Gozaimas
u (silent 'u'). 
This would be true if we were still in a training session and said thankyou for doing something and resumed  training,
than this 'present tense' form would be used (probably shortened to just 'Arigato' for equals or subordinates).

'Domo Arigato Gozaimas
hita' (past tense form) is used at the completion of what we are thanking a
person for. e.g.   The end of an entire class . . .
This is the correct (respectful) grammar!

Training then begins.


Rei - 'Bow in' & 'Bow out'
Junan Taiso 'Flexibility & body conditioning'
Kamae 'Postures'

plus technique lesson 1

Kihon Happo Gata - '8 Fundamental forms'

If you are enjoying this beginners course you should checkout our NINJA HSP - Home Study Program,
it includes more video (higher quality from more angles) and more training information on each technique
plus you can grade for all the belt levels through to Black Belt.   Access the
HSP click on the link below


Students can complete a nationally recognised 'Sport (Coach) Certificate II' qualification.  This can be used towards further nationally recognised training in the Sport and Recreation field (becoming an instructor/coach) and/or students attaining their SACE in South Australia. 
See our qualifications website for details.

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