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Beginners White Belt training course

Demo introduction
(you will have to join the HSP to get access to all the lessons).

Kamae   'Postures'   3 of 12 in kata
(12 through to black belt then many more!)

Important - Kamae are postural attitudes, 'feelings' of a position, rarely fixed, usually a position
that you move through while reacting or attacking. They are slightly different to the Dachi (stances)
of Karate which are considered a strong and stable base to launch attacks, in karate one adopts
the stance lightly (allowing further reaction if needed), tensing to deliver an attack.

Our 'kamae' are more fluid with the movement in and out of the postures assisting power and stability
through using natural foot positioning and joint alignment, usually delivering strikes with muscle power
body weight as well as using this movement or flow for Nage (throws), to break the opponents
balance (physical, mental and spiritual) then draw them into the 'kukan' (space) created with the
movement or flow through the postures to complete your attack.

In the HSP - Home Study Program you will learn more postures and blend them into
a form or kata to teach the movement or flow between the postures.

Seiza - 'seated'
Kneeling, knees can be up to 3 fist widths apart, top of feet flat on floor, big toes touching, sitting back
on your heels, back straight and hands resting comfortably on thighs.


Shizen - 'natural standing'
 Standing with knees soft but not bent, feet in neutral position with equal pressure from base of big toe, little toe and
heel of each foot as if gripping the floor, back straight and upright with both hands resting comfortably at sides.
Stand with a 'ready' and alert attitude.


Ichimonji - 'straight line posture'
 Step back and out to side with knees bent as if going to sit on a stool, front foot pointed at opponent and back foot
pointed out at 90 (degrees) or slightly to rear. Body should be at approx 45 (degrees) from Shizen posture,
arm pointed towards opponents eyes or heart, elbow slightly bent, front hand perpendicular to ground (upright) with
fingers together, rear hand held just in front of chin out from upper arm, palm facing chin (as if reading notes written
on palm of hand) elbow covering upper ribs, eyes front and focused on opponent.



Rei - 'Bow in' & 'Bow out'
Junan Taiso 'Flexibility & body conditioning'
Kamae 'Postures'

plus technique lesson 1

Kihon Happo Gata - '8 Fundamental forms'

If you are enjoying this beginners course you should checkout our NINJA HSP - Home Study Program,
it includes more video (higher quality from more angles) and more training information on each technique
plus you can grade for all the belt levels through to Black Belt.   Access the
HSP click on the link below




Students can complete a nationally recognised 'Sport (Coach) Certificate II' qualification.  This can be used towards further nationally recognised training in the Sport and Recreation field (becoming an instructor/coach) and/or students attaining their SACE in South Australia. 
See our qualifications website for details.

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