Ninjafit has been a big part of our dojo training since 2001, promoted through Primary and High schools for boys and girls via daytime programs from 2003 and was approved in May 2005 for delivery through the Australian Federal Governments - Australian Sports Commissions  'Active After School Communities' program (AASC) . . . thousands of kids have experienced this total wellbeing program over the last decade.

From January 2006 the NINJAFIT CHALLENGE is offered to kids WORLD WIDE via online video and an emailed challenge program.

This health and fitness 8 week program is offered internationally online for JUST $55 AUD!

UK, USA, CAN, NZ, in fact any English speaking individuals are welcome!
Other languages available soon.

Aussie schools we haven't forgotten you . . . teachers in SA click here to enquire about the

The challenge is a detailed series of instructional and motivational emails and secure access to online videos teaching the 'NINJA KIDS 'JUNAN TAISO' (Flexibility and body conditioning) , subconscious reprogramming hypnosis audio downloads to help control bad habits, cool wellbeing tips and facts, encouragement, character building information & the NINJA FUEL warriors eating and wellbeing guide, it's not about getting skinny, building big muscles or even becoming super athletic it's about becoming the best you, you can be . . . Fit, healthy, strong and flexible like the legendary Ninja of Feudal Japan!

We offer free GAGGLE
secured and filtered internal email accounts, social network, secure blogs, forums and study lockers for students without an email address, check out it's features and security here (some advanced options may have minimal fees).

8 weeks to a new you, a more comfortable size and shape, more confident, stronger physically and mentally, more flexible, more self esteem and happier.   Skills that will last a lifetime!

This international 'ACTIVITY CHALLENGE' is open to anyone aged 7 to 17. Iindividuals can start at anytime just register for free online.

A NINJAFIT DVD is available (Just pay $59.90 including postage & handling) but this is optional and the whole challenge can be done online
without it! 
No catch!  Details of how to order the DVD are provided once you register for the challenge.

How it works:  
Note: Let your school PE teacher know about this challenge and your school can promote this challenge to all it's students
(this is optional)
     if 25 (min) students from your school register we will contact your school and give the teachers online access to resources to run the
     NINJAFIT CHALLENGE activities at your school OR you can still do this as an individual even if your school won't get involved.

1)   Register with your name and individual email then get started on the 8 week NINJAFIT CHALLENGE!

2)   You will receive:
                          a) secure
access the video lesson pages
                          b) receive a series of email and online instructions
                          c) get a secure (ninja kids access only) profile page
                          d) downloadable ninja info sheets
                          e) a log sheet to print out and
then you just log your progress over 12 weeks.

      We continue to send encouraging emails with activity tips and training suggestions throughout the 8 weeks.

3)   Then at the end of the 8 weeks simply log in and fill in a simple online questionnaire on what you have learned and how
     this Challenge has improved your life and you will be sent your Certificate (PDF printable email attachment) with
     your name and the fact that you have completed the official NINJAFIT CHALLENGE


Learn the basis for all our training, how we develop Ninja strength, flexibility and balance !

NINJAFIT program includes:

SHINOBI JUNAN TAISO (15 - 20 min Ninja body conditioning & flexibility routine) made up of the Roku yosu (6 elements);

     Meditation (Meiso) – clear the mind of distractions & focus on the positive,

     Massage (Anma) - body awakening self massage,

     Joint & Muscle conditioning (Taiso) – repetitive movement to warm/condition the whole body,

     Strength conditioning (Chikara) – special Ninja push ups, core strengthening & sumo kicks etc (Jodan - upper,
                                                      Chudan - middle and Gedan - lower body),

     Stretch routine (Junan) – legendary Ninja stretching for flexibility (Legs only),

     Internal conditioning (Naika) – the Ninja ‘yoga’ style of 'internal (medicine) exercise'.

2)  ROKU DAIJIN (the '6 Great Virtues or Characters' are discussed);

     Body (balance of internal health & external fitness)

     Mind (balance of academic study & worldly/common knowledge)

     Spirit (balance of courage & compassion)

     Thought (being of Good . . .)

     Word (being of Good . . .)

     Deed (being of Good . . .)

Note: the ROKU DAIJIN (Roku = Six, Daijin is short for Daijinbutsu = one of 'great character') is made up of two centuries old belief systems that Sosai Garyu has blended together:
SANSHIN (3 ‘Hearts’) – Body, Mind & Spirit  +  SAN HIMITSU (3 Secrets) – Thought, Word & Deed.

The programs goal is for all to be enthused about getting more active, fit and healthy plus to develop a healthy achievable goal mindset. In short, kick start a healthy lifestyle using the Ninja’s legendary fitness and health as a focus !

Note: results will vary depending on commitment, effort and how regular the exercises are undertaken, this program is for instructional purposes only, all participants should seek medical advice before any fitness, health and/or exercise program and should always have their parent/s or guardians permission.

Register for the NINJAFIT CHALLENGE as an individual.

Before you register - let your school PE teacher know about this challenge and your school can promote this challenge to all it's students (this is optional) OR you can just register via this button as an individual.

NOTE: Adults (18+) - DO NOT attempt to sign up for this Challenge, we take the protection of our under 18 year old members seriously.
ALL details of adults attempting to gain access will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities in their country. See our policy below

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