The BUYU KAI is a not for profit organisation and as such raises funds for equipment purchase or hire, materials, facility hire, administration, insurance, instructor costs etc. by membership fees and fundraising.

All the societies officials provide their society administration duties on a time voluntary basis with out of pocket costs (paper, postage, fuel, etc.) being reimbursed.

Instructors (whether members of the organisation or not) required for activities are paid a stipend to cover out of pocket costs, their expertise and time.

Buyu Kai FUNDRAISING activities include:

Sausage sizzles, movie nights, raffles, draws, online sales of merchandise and equipment plus donations and sponsorship.

Dojo members can volunteer their time and effort on selected fundraising projects to assist in fundraising with a 'BUYU Points System', allowing a member to accrue 'credit points' that can be redeemed by the member for the purchase of their own equipment or the covering of Buyu Kai activity costs.

1 point is awarded for every whole $20 raised - 1 point = 1 redemption dollars, ($1 credit) 
Note: this redemption (credit) can only be used for BUYU KAI activity equipment purchase and event costs.

As a Buyu Kai credit it can not be cashed in, used for NINJA KIDS (or NK related) costs/fees and is forfeited if the member leaves the organisation.  

Current FUNDRAISING activities:

Taiko drum purchase, drums, stands, outfits and accessories - target $18000 AUD

Kyudo (archery) Yami and Ya (bows and arrows) - target $6400 AUD

Misc for ink, paper, cookers, tea sets, etc.


You can soon donate online via PayPal if you wish to help us out

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