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Please help us raise funds for BUYU KAI (Warrior Friends Society) equipment and activity costs.
If you live in Australia click the link below to purchase tickets in the Peoples Choice Community Lottery.
Great prizes and all funds raised help us to provide activities to kids.


Notice: Currently no franchises are available.

Ever thought of making a full time living out of martial arts?


Thought it was impossible?

KOKUSAI NINJUTSU (Ninjutsu International) and SHINOBI KODOMO  (Ninja Kids International) offers franchises to both qualified martial artists and
non qualified individuals
. . .

Do you have a Black Belt (Shodan) in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu or a Second Dan Black Belt (Nidan) in another recognised Asian martial art?

Do you already run a kids club in another style but would like to go full time?

Are you a qualified or accredited Fitness leader/Gym Instructor or Sports Coach?

or are you just fit, enthusiastic and willing to learn?


How can it be full time work ?
Just checkout our daytime school, Active After School Communities, Vacation Care, Ninja parties and Home Study training programs not to mention running a part time dojo or full time Martial Arts and Health Centre with TV, Radio and Cinema advertising and the benefit of the promotional side of the HSP !

Should it be a business?
Many 'not for profit' martial arts organisations turnover 'business' like incomes, most not for profit organisations still pay substantial 'stipends' or 'costs' amounts to their 'public officers' or 'heads' while all other students 'volunteer' their time and efforts!
Why split your time and effort between working a daytime 'job' and trying to run a group on a not for profit basis?
What better than making a real living doing your passion with a payed assistant or two to help. (students still have to assist in class as part of their martial arts training).
PS. both SAMURAI and NINJA hired themselves out for a living . . . yes they were paid for either using or teaching their skills! 
So this idea that martial arts should be some 'handed down only to the worthy for a token change' is a bit romantic, just look at the Shaolin monks demonstration events and merchandise (granted they do good with most of the money but running a temple costs $$$)!

What are the benefits of joining Ninja Kids International and Ninjutsu International Pty Ltd ?
Computerised attendance/business management, fee collection services, full curriculum provided, national advertising, no limits on franchise ownership numbers, have your contract assistant instructors working in other areas of your business as stated above, leveraging your time plus passive or residual income from home study and web sales!  We are well established in the schools and education field with arrangements in place to provide programs 'in school' and online.

Why a 'Franchise' ?
Didn't you know?          All martial arts systems operate like franchises . . .
Someone teaches you a 'way' of doing their martial art, then lets you open a Dojo in their systems name and you usually then pay them a percentage of your
turnover . . That's a franchise without the legal documents!

But in these other systems if your teacher is unhappy with the way you teach or what you teach or simply wants to takeover all your hard work, he can get rid of you and there's not a lot you can do about it!

or a student breaks away and goes into competition and all lose out due to student groups splitting due to loyalty and increased competition.

With a legal Franchise (like ours) you 'own' the business 'paid for', 'legally' and you can sell it if it's profitable to do so or expand with full support of the Franchisor plus a large organisation equates to buying power for insurance, advertising, materials and merchandise purchasing power and public perception of how good it must be (public perception  = if there is a 'system', if they are 'large' or 'national' it should be good). 

What's on offer ?
There is four franchise systems on offer depending on your level of commitment and finances:

* Virtual Franchise (VF) $6600 (AUD) - work from home managing our Home Study Students being paid to assess video gradings.
Initially 765 HSP students may be assigned = $495 (AUD) minimum average per week gross commission for approx 15 hours per week!
paid a commission for any online purchases the student makes including the Home Study program DVD's, manuals, uniforms, equipment
and merchandise.
may be offered work assisting a Dojo Franchisee.
* Ronin Franchise (RF) $9900 (AUD) - assisting a Dojo Franchisee and/or the Franchisor plus work from home managing our Home Study Students being paid to assess video gradings.
Income from work in dojo and/or school programs plus Initially 1530 HSP students assigned = $990 (AUD) minimum average per week gross commission for 30 hours per week!
PLUS opportunity to run or assist day time and after school programs, Trainer and Assessor (TAA) qualification required at extra cost.
PLUS paid a commission for any online purchases the student makes including the Home Study program DVD's, manuals, uniforms, equipment
and merchandise.
* Dojo Franchise (DF) $22000 (AUD) - run a club at a leased location (school gym, community hall etc) with low overheads great income and the assistance of a local Master Franchisee and/or the franchisor plus opportunity to run or assist day time and after school programs, Trainer and Assessor (TAA) qualification required at extra cost.
Up to approx $1800 (AUD) per week gross from the Dojo for up to approx 20 hours per week plus (VF) Income - $495 per week with approx 15 hours per week extra to maintain as above.
* Master Franchise (MF) POA - establish a Jinsei (Well being) Centre, running daytime classes for health, fitness and martial arts, gym, evening classes, massage room, spa, sauna, chiropractic/physio consulting rooms and oriental therapies etc.
Includes VF as above.

All income figures above based on projections of set commission and current fee structures, actual income may vary.
All 'franchise' systems include a web presence with further commissions on web sales.

All 'franchise' systems and the Instructor position require a full time, part time or DVD distance course to be completed before the 'keys' to your new business are handed over, this may take 26 weeks min to 48 weeks (you must be in a position to support yourself financially through this period of initial training).

All franchises/training includes a Sports Coaching course for 1 owner. Extra fees apply for partners.

Virtual Franchise (VF) - inc. Sensei (instructor) = Black Belt Shodan-Ho (1st part of Black belt) 900 hours min + Cert IV Sport (Coach).
Ronin Franchise (RF) - inc. Sensei (instructor) = Black Belt Shodan-Ho (1st part of Black belt) 900 hours min + Cert IV Sport (Coach).
Dojo Franchise (DF) - inc. Shidoshi-Ho ('under' licensed instructor) = Black Belt Nidan (2nd Dan Black belt) 1400 hours min + Diploma Sport (Coach).

How do I find out more ?
Just fill in the FRANCHISE expression of interest form now, you could start in as little as a month or two!

Applicants must be over 18 years of age.

I am interested in finding out more about a

  Virtual Franchise    Ronin Franchise    Dojo Franchise     Master Franchise 

Fill in your details.

First Name   (inc Mr, Miss, Ms or Mrs)

Last Name 


Street Number or PO Box Number    (please state 'PO Box ####' if a PO Box)

Street/Road etc. 




* this drop-down box lists the countries that franchises are currently available in, keep checking if your country isn't there yet as we will expand internationally very soon!

Martial Arts experience    yes     no 

If yes what style   

If Bujinkan who is your Instructor   

How many years    and what FORMAL belt level 

Fitness/Sports Coach qualifications    yes     no 

If yes what qualifications/accreditation 

As well as the purchase of the franchise I can support myself for the initial training period of 20 plus weeks (may be as long as 18 months if part time study is undertaken) . . . yes

Submit this form to receive an Info Pack, pre-application and confidentiality form in the mail.



Students can complete a nationally recognised 'Sport (Coach) Certificate II' qualification.  This can be used towards further nationally recognised training in the Sport and Recreation field (becoming an instructor/coach) and/or students attaining their SACE in South Australia. 
See our qualifications website for details.

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