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Ninjutsu International Clan membership fees

Please feel free to compare our fees with other martial arts, we have nothing to hide.
You'll find we are one of the least expensive, with the broadest range of activities, student resources and technique.

Don't live near one of our Dojo?
Try our Home Study Program click here (note: Dojo students get access to the HSP videos and downloads as part of the dojo membership) 

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Joining fee:

A $65 one time joining fee applies for DOJO members payable at the 3rd lesson (after 2 FREE trial lessons). Paid in class.

Training fees are then due 28 days from joining fee payment date (4 weeks training fee FREE unless on another promotion offer).

Annual membership fee:

$65 Annual fee due every 12 calendar months, upon renewal you receive a training T-Shirt, annual Membership Certificate  and ongoing insurance. Paid in class.

Training fees:

Fees are based on a 10.5 month training period that includes unlimited training classes and it covers online members access and access to Buyu Kai activities (archery, horsemanship, bonsai society, overnight and weekend camps etc. NOTE: some of these activities may have extra costs).

2016 NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL fees summary (as of July 1st)

46 weeks training period - unlimited lessons

$65 joining/annual membership fee per member. Annual due every 12 calendar months from joining

Training fee instalments via EziDebit direct debit (bank acc/credit card) only.    Billed over 46 training weeks.

Sorry we do not accept training fee payments in class under any circumstances.

Li'l Ninja Clan          $14 fortnight  - 1 class only       $322 year          $76.50  qtly  (5% disc)  /  $289.80 Ann 10% disc)
                              $24 fortnight
  - unlimited       $552 year        $131.10 qtly (5% disc)  /  $496.80 Ann 10% disc)

Ninja Kids  (7-12's)     $32 fortnight - unlimited      ($736 year)          $174.80 qtly (5% disc)  /  $662.40 Ann 10% disc)

Senior/Adults Ninjutsu  (13+)     $40 fortnight - unlimited       ($920 year)         $218.50 qtly (5% disc)  /  $828 Ann 10% disc)

        5% discount for quarterly payments (every 3 calendar months) in advance.
       10% discount for annual payment in advance. NOTE: Annual payment includes UNLIMITED class attendance.

Extra family members (immediate family) on same account:

25% discount for second and subsequent immediate family members on same membership instalment account
Note: eldest member is charged at full rate.

Li'l Ninja Clan            $10.50 fortnight  - 1 class only    ($241.50 year)      $57.36  qtly  (5% disc)  /  $217.35 Ann 10% disc)
fortnight - unlimited          
($414 year)            $98.33 qtly (5% disc)    /  $372.60 Ann 10% disc)

Ninja Kids  (7-12's)         $26.25 fortnight - unlimited      ($552 year)      $131.10 qtly (5% disc)  /  $496.80 Ann 10% disc)

Senior/Adults Ninjutsu  (13+)          $30 fortnight  - unlimited      ($690 year)           $163.86 qtly (5% disc)  /  $621 Ann 10% disc)

Assessment/Gradings:  includes 5 week assessment process, grading, obi and certificate (if pass)

Li'l Ninja Clan         $20 All levels

7+ members         $65 Shoden, Chuden, Okuden levels.      $88 Probationary Shodan.     $125 Shodan.

Note: no cost for 2nd or 3rd attempt for a failed grading.

Uniforms (8 oz Drill) inc: screen printed clan logos, screen printed T-shirt, hood, arm covers, leg ties/covers:

Under 13s                          $99

Over 13s                             $120

Heavy Duty 12/14oz Canvas (optional for over 13s, no accessories):   $120

NOTE: '1 class per week only' is available for Li'l Ninja Clan lessons ONLY.

Note: All members must train in their own age group members can progress to the next age group the first lesson after the appropriate birthday has passed.          This is for insurance and member protection policy reasons, strictly no exceptions.

Please note: we have a structured training curriculum therefore cannot offer casual or occasional training sessions.

OTHER FEE OPTIONS  for 13's and above only:

Sport (Coach) AQTF recognised 'Statement of Attainment' - individual units available to all 13 plus
students from 'Yellow' belt and above include ($165 extra RTO fee applies per unit on top of normal training/grading/membership fees):

                SRSMAR004A Develop basic martial arts skills (9th 7th kyu 3 basic 'yellow' belts)
SRSMAR005A Teach or develop the intermediate skills of martial arts (6th 4th kyu 3 middle 'green' belts)
Teach or develop the advanced skills of martial arts (3rd 1st kyu in 3 advanced 'brown' belts)

these make your Green, Brown and Black belt Ninjutsu levels (issued by us) nationally recognised.

Sempai course (Senior rank student), 13 years and over. Can assist supervising lower ranked students. $110 per month. Plus Sport (coach) units.
Brown Belt minimum martial arts training and completion of 3 units of the Sport (Coach) qualification minimum:
SRSMAR004A Develop basic martial arts skills (9th 7th kyu 3 basic 'yellow' belts)
SRSMAR005A Teach or develop the intermediate skills of martial arts (6th 4th kyu 3 middle 'green' belts)
SRCSDF001A Instruct the basic skills of unarmed self defence

Note: Sempai does not mean 'assistant' or 'instructor', Sempai means 'senior'    ('Joshu' means assistant).

Full Instructor Qualifications click here
Cert II Sports (Coaching) Specialisation: Martial Arts SRS20306 - Deshi (apprentice), Cert III can be commenced by over 18's at this level.
Cert III Sports (Coaching) Specialisation: Martial Arts SRS30306 - Joshu (assistant)
Cert IV Sports (Coaching) Specialisation: Martial Arts SRS40206 - Sensei (instructor)
Diploma of Sports (Coaching) Specialisation: Martial Arts SRS50206 - Dojo owner
Advanced Diploma of Sport and Rec: SRO60106
(Note: minimum hours of training is required for each level)

Also see our FULL 'Sport (Coach) Certificate II' qualification VET in schools course for year 10 - 12's


Optional uniform accessories:

Optional uniform: Heavy duty 12/14 oz canvas Gi also available for over 13's (recommended from Brown Belt level due to throwing technique).

T-Shirts, singlet or crop tops (black with front and back screen printing) for wearing under the jacket or for casual wear.

Weapons training: Hakama and Keikogi can be purchased for Brown belt and above.

Accessories pack: lower leg covers (Kyahan), forearm covers (tekko), 2 piece hood all in 8oz poly/cotton drill.

Separate jackets or pants

Tabi (split toe shoes) in cotton sole (indoor training), rubber sole (in/outdoor training, 'air cushion' style (outdoor training) and sports shoe (casual) versions.

GRADING/ASSESSMENT FEES, paid at the start of the 5 week assessment.

2 level assessment/gradings are available each year, assessments are done over the last 5 weeks of each belt level.

Advancement requires 5 week 'in class' assessment and grading day attendance. No exceptions!

Note: no attendance at presentation day for any belt level = no belt, no certificate - no exceptions!  

Belt levels
Note: 'star' levels are a full belt level, not like a 'tip' level in other arts.

Shoshinsha (beginners)
White to Yellow = in class assessment and grading participation/attendance (75% pass)

Shoden (basic level)
Yellow to Green = in class assessment  and grading participation attendance (80% pass)

Chuden (intermediate/middle level)
Green to Brown = in class assessment and grading participation/attendance (85% pass)

Okuden (advanced level)
Brown to Shodan-ho (lower Black) = in class assessment and grading participation attendance (90% pass)

Shodan-ho to Shodan (full Black) = in class assessment and grading participation attendance (95% pass)

Eligibility for next belt level requires the following:

Attitude - demonstrate good effort and desire to train
Behaviour - conduct oneself properly in line with our organisations etiquette requirements
Attendance - 80% min below black belt   and   100% attendance from Probationary Black to full Black belt (46 lessons)
Technical assessment - get over required % at assessment/grading, 90% for Probationary Black Belt and 95% for full Black Belt

Note: the first two are assessed throughout the WHOLE training term and scored out of 10 (each) at the end of the assessment period.

Li'l Ninja
(4 - 6 years old) has different coloured belts but no gradings, Li'l Ninja kids are assessed in class and it's just $20 per belt.

PS. We don't charge an extra fee for the belt itself . . . grading fees are all inclusive, we don't give you a mass printed certificate that doesn't even have your name on it like some other arts do and if you don't pass the first time, you don't have to pay for the second attempt!

Please feel free to compare our fees with other martial arts, we have nothing to hide.
You'll find we are one of the least expensive, best value martial arts groups around with the
broadest range of activities, qualifications and technique.

Please ask the Sensei at your local dojo for a current Fee Schedule regarding the above fees and grading fees.

Note: Fees and pricing subject to change at Ninjutsu Internationals discretion.

All Nationally recognised qualifications training delivered in association with a REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANISATION

Students can complete a nationally recognised 'Sport (Coach) Certificate II' qualification.  This can be used towards further nationally recognised training in the Sport and Recreation field (becoming an instructor/coach) and/or students attaining their SACE in South Australia. 
See our qualifications website for details.

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