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Please help us raise funds for BUYU KAI (Warrior Friends Society) equipment and activity costs.
If you live in Australia click the link below to purchase tickets in the Peoples Choice Community Lottery.
Great prizes and all funds raised help us to provide activities to kids.



Ninja strive to live in balance with nature, not wasting natures resources, not abusing this life giving planet of ours. Working with, not against our world !

You can achieve this by doing simple things like;

Turning off electrical appliances like TV's, lights, music players and computers when not in use, this has a huge effect on our environment as less electricity is consumed, so less is produced and less fossil fuels are used !

Ask your parents if your power supply is 'green', that is, does some of the power come from renewable, environmentally friendly sources? If not get your parents to ask if your power supplier can offer this, here in Australia it is possible.

Study alternative power and fuel sources, there are heaps out there !
Solar, wind, hydrogen, geo-thermal, tidal etc.
One day you might own a house or vehicle and how cool would it be for it to be environmentally friendly. 

Don't waste water, you would have heard that here in Australia we have just had one of the driest years in recent history. So conserve as much water as possible, don't let taps run constantly when brushing teeth or washing your face and hands, fill the sink etc. and turn the tap off. Get an adult to fix any dripping taps or leaky pipes. Install a rainwater tank !

Recycle everything you can, best way is to find more uses for old stuff yourself however almost all councils (local government that look after things like rubbish collection) have recycle bins or collections, use them !

Get some re-useable shopping bags, keep them in the car and don't forget to use them, rather than those plastic bags that most supermarkets and shops use.

Don't waste paper however trees are grown in plantations especially for making paper so recycling paper (as in 'commercially' processing it to use again) is good but probably isn't the best solution, the process of recycling paper uses as much energy and chemicals as producing new paper . . . we grow more trees when more paper is needed (More trees means more carbon/pollution exchange/filtering and more clean air!) and paper breaks down, paper is mostly 'bio degradable' which means it is not that harmful for the environment.  Solution: grow more trees !

These are just a few simple things you can do as a 'World Warrior'.
See how many ways you can achieve the SHINOBI's balance with nature, our world and the universe !


LINKS to environmental sites for more ideas . . .

Also checkout our Wildlife and Charity pages if you wish to be a true SHINOBI ! 

Students can complete a nationally recognised 'Sport (Coach) Certificate II' qualification.  This can be used towards further nationally recognised training in the Sport and Recreation field (becoming an instructor/coach) and/or students attaining their SACE in South Australia. 
See our qualifications website for details.

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