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The debate rages!

In my opinion competition in martial arts is neither good nor bad, it is just what it is!

I recently got sent this fable from Todd Herman I'm sure he wouldn't mind me sharing it with you . . .

The Farmer and His Horse

A farmer had only one horse. One day, his horse ran away.

All the neighbours came by saying, “I’m so sorry. This is such bad news. You must be so upset.” The man just said, “We’ll see.”

A few days later, his horse came back with twenty wild horses. The man and his son corralled all 21 horses.

All the neighbours came by saying, “Congratulations! This is such good news. You must be so happy!” The man just said, “We’ll see.”

One of the wild horses kicked the man’s only son, breaking both his legs.

All the neighbours came by saying, “I’m so sorry. This is such bad news. You must be so upset.” The man just said, “We’ll see.”

The country went to war, and every able-bodied young man was drafted to fight. The war was terrible and killed every young man, but the farmer’s son was spared, since his broken legs prevented him from being drafted.

All the neighbours came by saying, “Congratulations! This is such good news. You must be so happy!” The man just said, “We’ll see.”

           So as you see, not all perceived losses are bad and not all wins are good.

The reality of Competition

Competition, in the right conditions can test your skills and abilities allowing you to improve where you can . . .
Competition, in the wrong conditions can give you a false sense of your skills and abilities leading you to not improve.

Competition can test your character, allowing open minded individuals to assess and improve their character . . .
Competition can bring out the worst in your character if you are ego driven or unwilling to change.

Competition requires rules that equalise the inevitable differences in individuals . . .
Competition rules equalising individuals can lead the less effective or less skilled to win!

Competition rules mean the reality and randomness of real fighting is never tested!

I have seen many competitors make it through rounds at NAS tournaments by demonstrating kata because they didn't have anyone to compete against in their class! They proudly wave their trophy around and move on to state or national titles with ease . . .
I have witnessed adults throw tantrums when they lose at NAS tournaments!
I have seen perfectly good martial arts technique not gain a score as it doesn't fit the rules and conversely seen poor technique win because of poor refereeing.

I haven't seen anyone say I didn't deserve that point or win, when they obviously didn't . . . so where is all the character building that tournaments/sport martial arts are supposed to develop????   It's ALL about beating another person to be the best!

The reality of the most asked martial arts questions!

Many people ask which is the best martial art?    Who is the best martial artist?    Who would win between 'this' vs 'that'

This question CAN NOT be truthfully answered!

Think about it, lets say we compare Karate to Kung Fu (just for example),

Firstly lets take a black belt in each, what you say?  Kung fu doesn't have black belts!
Ok lets take two instructors, hold on!  What if one has just been instructing and the other has been instructing and competing regularly?
Well then, 30 year olds with 15 years experience . . . no, no, no!   Surely they haven't trained the exact amount of hours?!?!
Both are fighting fit? . . . surely no two people can have exactly the same strength or aerobic fitness?
What if the Karate guy has had a bad day at work and isn't concentrating?????
What if the Kung Fu guy has a cold?????
Do we use Kick boxing rules, MMA rules, Karate rules, Kung Fu competition rules, Marquis of Queensbury rules or no rules?
What if the Kung Fu guy really isn't any good at Kung Fu?????
What if the Karate guy really isn't good at Karate?????
What if the Kung Fu guy is a mean dude that will not hold back?????
What if the Kung Fu guy is not mean and backs off before using his most dangerous moves?????
What if . . . what if . . . what if . . . what if ?????!!!!!!!!

Then you get my all time personal favourite comment (usually from grapplers)  - '80% of fights end up on the ground
What? . . . have you ever watched boxing?  The only time either hits the ground is when they are knocked out!!!!!
'80% of fights between grapplers end up on the ground' is what should be said!!!!

If you just strike and the other guy just grapples the fight might be decided by who get their best technique in first . . . standing or on the ground!
(it's very hard for a grappler to take it to the ground if he's unconscious from a king hit!)

Remember the 'Gracie's' (Brazilian Jujitsu) . . . kicked ass hey!   Until the kick boxers (that they predominately started fighting against when NHB, MMA, UFC  competitions first started) figured out they needed a ground game!!!!!!  

Note how world champions eventually get beat or retire before they get beat?

Remember: There is always someone bigger, faster, nastier or smarter than you just around the corner!

See what I mean, how can you possibly compare arts or artists.

Just be content to be your best, after all at the end of the day, you are the only one you have to impress!

Sport is sport, don't confuse sport fighting with martial arts!


Friendly (but serious) Warning:    We are not a sport martial art!
We do not compete in 'all styles' or MMA style tournaments and do not encourage competition using our art!
Please do not approach us for some 'ninja' stuff to use in competition or to add to other arts.
Individuals found to be using this art to compete against others, cause harm to others or
boost the popularity of another art are dishonourable and will be barred from membership.
Please respect our art!

Sosai Garyu

Students can complete a nationally recognised 'Sport (Coach) Certificate II' qualification.  This can be used towards further nationally recognised training in the Sport and Recreation field (becoming an instructor/coach) and/or students attaining their SACE in South Australia. 
See our qualifications website for details.

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