Buyu Kai Charter and Structure.

The BUYU KAI is a not for profit organisation founded by Sosai Gary of NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL.
Being the cultural activity social club for our Ninjutsu International members it's core focus is Kyudo (Warriors archery).

BUYU KAI Incorporated. Registered Incorporation number: A42304
Incorporated under the Associations Incorporation act 1985.
Based at the Bowden Brompton Community Centre,
19 Green St, Brompton SA 5007


Please help us raise funds for equipment and activity costs, if you live in Australia click the link below to purchase tickets in the Peoples Choice Community Lottery. Great prizes and all funds raised help us to provide activities to kids.

The society’s charter is to promote friendship and fellowship among our Ninja clan members community by engaging all in Japanese cultural activities of a complimentary nature to the 6 Samurai and 3 Ninja arts that members of Ninjutsu International study (periods of the 12th to the 19th century).

Buyu Kai offers general social gatherings for BBQ’s, movies, sport events, concerts and camps etc as well as 9 sub-societies based on centuries old cultural arts, featuring 3 activities of a martial arts nature, 3 of an artistic nature, 2 of a theatrical/musical nature and 1 of a culinary art nature predominantly focused on under 18 year olds
(minimum age applies to some activities) with adult members welcome as volunteers with a 'working with Children' police checks.

Activities being;

Core Society activity

Buyu - Kukan Musha Kyudo Kai – Void Warrior Archery society, practice and exhibiting.

Sub-Societies (available ONLINE soon)

Buyu - Budo Bajutsu Kai – Warrior Way of Horsemanship and riding society, skills, practice and exhibiting.

Buyu - Budo Buki Jutsu Kai – Warriors Way of Weapons society, practice and exhibiting.

Buyu - Bushi Bonsai Kai – Warrior Bonsai society, incorporating Japanese garden appreciation, growing,
                                          tending and exhibiting.

Buyu - Samurai Sumi Kai – Warrior Calligraphy and ink arts incorporating Origami (paper folding)
                                            appreciation and practice.

Buyu - Ryu Sakana Kai - Dragon Fish society, Chinese and Japanese 'gold' fish (Shubunkin, Ryukin, Wakin,
                                        Koi etc. breeding, showing and appreciation.

Buyu - Kaze Musha Taiko Kai – Wind Warrior Drum society, practice and exhibiting.

Buyu - Inu Musha Geki Kai - Dog Warrior Japanese drama society and play (acting), perform at special events.

Buyu -  Kage Ryori/Cha Kai - Shadow Cooking/tea society, cooks for events, camps and fundraising.

General activities

Buyu - TAI KAI – Warrior Friends Gathering (camp)

Buyu - Movie nights – martial arts based

Buyu - outdoor training - Ninjutsu based


BUYU KAI 'ONLINE' activities:

To get involved simply join NINJA KIDS HSP (if you also wish to train in Ninjutsu) or BUYU KAI ONLINE directly (you don't have to actively train in ninjutsu to access the Buyu kai online activities) at just $55 per year, then just access basic activity sessions online and/or purchase activity DVD's.



BUYU KAI 'IN PERSON' sessions:

To get involved simply join a NINJA KIDS Dojo at $55 (joining fee each member) then a monthly training fee
for 2 NINJA KIDS training sessions per week in the art of Ninjutsu and Jujutsu . . .
access to all BUYU KAI activity sessions, (some materials and activities may cost extra).

All MEMBERSHIPS covers the cost of attending most of the sessions, instruction and some basic materials or use of some equipment.

NOTE: Some activities may have extra costs for attendance, materials and or equipment hire this will be minimal and just enough to cover costs. For example your 2nd or 3rd Bonsai session requires an extra $10 (small size) or $15 (medium size) for pot, starter plant, instruction sheets, wire, mesh and bonsai soil, Sumi may require purchase of materials for advanced students.
Camps have an attendance fee, kept to a minimum.

Notice will be posted on this website and at the BUYU KAI location. Paid on the day.

The society attempts to cover the bulk of the costs for activities by fundraising for equipment purchase or hire, materials, administration, instructor costs etc. If you can help with fundraising, you can earn credit to help cover any extra costs, see Fundraising.

Note: for the members (kids) protection, only an immediate family (adult/parent) of a junior member that holds a current NINJUTSU INTERNATIONAL membership can assist/attend activities.
Camp attendance or some activities attendance will require a 'police check' for 18's and older.
Sorry for any cost or inconvenience in relation to this but ALL the children's safety is our first consideration as I'm sure it is for you. NO MEMBERSHIP, NO ACTIVITY - our insurance only covers paid up, on 'the books' members only.

No activities from middle of Dec to middle of Jan (4 week ends) and the Easter Weekend.

Feb 2015 Buyu Kai committee meeting at Bowden Brompton Community Centre, date/time TBA.


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