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Seishin Teki Kyoyo - Spiritual Refinement or knowing oneself.

    The words above simply mean training to become a better person, with good values and beliefs, being positive and productive. It could also be called Enlightenment or understanding yourself and the world we live in.

To become a true Ninja Warrior you must strive be your best.

    Most people mistakenly believe that Martial Arts practice will develop 'character' and a 'good spirit', they look at the Japanese schools of martial art and think the discipline and physical effort put into these arts is what develops these traits. The Japanese 'act' that way in anything they do in life, so while martial arts can develop discipline and physical ability the 'character building' is really a 'separate' thing.

The truth is, if you are not of good character to start with all you end up with is a 'dangerous' person of bad character. Martial Arts training develops a physical skill in the same way tennis, netball, football or any other physical activity does, it doesn't teach you to be a good person and if the activity is competitive eg martial arts tournaments or competitive sparring, it teaches the individual to crave victory over others, for every winner there is always a loser, but there will always be someone bigger, faster, stronger or better than us at a particular thing just around the corner so we could not truly hope to ever be the 'best' or 'greatest' compared to others.

    Should one really be looking to 'beat' another to feel better about themself ? This seems just a little selfish don't you think ?!

    In Ninjutsu we look to improve ourself, beating or at least understanding our own demons and weaknesses, in training we help each other to improve physically and mentally by each taking turns in being attackers and defenders so we understand both sides of the 'combat' coin, both these roles can teach you something about survival. If we truly apply ourselves to these principles . . . we can't lose ! 

    To achieve good character and spirit development we have a Ninja Enlightenment Program that you work through as you progress through the Kyu's (levels), you will need to work on being a better person by getting to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, helping others, doing the right thing (not doing things you know are wrong just because others tell you to, it's cool or others dare you), being polite and showing good manners . . . all qualities of a true Ninja Warrior and all qualities that will help you have a happier, more successful and more enjoyable life.

    The program is called 'Bujin' or 'Warrior Spirit' Program, there are two programs, one for 7 to 12 year olds and one for 13 to 17 Year olds.
The programs deal with subjects like discovering personal strengths and weaknesses, confidence, good values and morals, setting goals, personality awareness, behaviour, politeness, reward, responsibility, dealing with peer pressure and bullies, overcoming obstacles and disappointments in life, getting on with parents, adults, friends and acquaintances and winning at school and in life, all taught in a non-religious, non-political easy to understand way.


The ' 6 laws of the ROKU DAIJIN'

Respect is gained by being respectable,
Honour is gained by being honourable,
Trust is gained by being trustworthy,
Dignity is gained by being dignified,
Peace is gained by being peaceful,
& Love is gained by being loving.

To receive we must first 'be'

None of the above can be commanded
All must be earned!

'Sosai Garyu'  8th April 2006

'6 Great Virtues or Characters'

The ROKU DAIJIN (Roku = Six, Daijin is short for Daijinbutsu = one of 'great character') is made up of
two centuries old belief systems that Sosai Garyu has blended together:

SANSHIN (3 ‘Hearts’) – Body, Mind & Spirit      plus     SAN HIMITSU (3 Secrets) – Thought, Word & Deed.

Sanshin is the 3 'Blades' (manifestations) of the 'Roku Daijin' symbol.
San himitsu is the 3 'Voids' (spirit) of the symbol - all must be in balance!




 We should all live by these words of wisdom written down over 100 years ago by the 32nd Grand Master Shinryuken Masamitsu Toda;

  1. Know the wisdom of being patient during times of inactivity.
  2. Choose the course of justice as a path for your life.
  3. Do not allow your heart to be controlled by the demands of desire, pleasure or dependence.
  4. Sorrow, pain and resentment are natural qualities to be encountered in life. Therefore, work to cultivate the enlightenment of the immovable spirit.
  5. Hold in your heart the importance of family loyalty and pursue the literary and warrior arts with balanced determination.

We will explain all these words of wisdom in the programs and how you can live by them as a Ninja Warrior.

Students can complete a nationally recognised 'Sport (Coach) Certificate II' qualification.  This can be used towards further nationally recognised training in the Sport and Recreation field (becoming an instructor/coach) and/or students attaining their SACE in South Australia. 
See our qualifications website for details.

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